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Discrete Audio Solutions

discrete audio solutions

Sound Design, Mastering, Audio restoration, DIY Electronic, Composition, Post production.


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17.01.2015 - 10 Years Analog Tecnè Model

Sektor Evolution, Dresden, Germany

Analog Tecnè Model & Daimon Sound presents:

Trieblaut (On The Run, DE)

FLOOR 1 - acid, tribe, hardtekno

Hesed (ATM, Trinacria, IT/DE)

Mr. Gasmask (Protocol, ATM, BE)

Sevenum Six (Trinacria, Exit23, BE)

Alifer (Pulp Friction, IT)

Vikkei (Trinacria, Pure Analog, IT)

Bassdriver (Time Control, Ohmkiller, IT)

Format C:\ (ATM, Trinacria, DE)

Contergan (Trinacria, DSL, DE)

Teknoseeker (Trinacria, IT/DE)

P3P3D (Daimon, Sektor, DE)

Tim B (Daimon, Sektor, DE)

Speedy (ATM digital, IT)

and FRIENDS.....

FLOOR 2 - techno, electro, freestyle

Pigs Floyd (ATM, IT/DE)

Tecnè (Restless Legs Syndrome, VPS, IT/DE)

Ch1P (Restless Legs Syndrome, VPS, DE)

A. Wind (ATM digital, BE)

Vikko (ATM digital, IT)

Eisbär (Desystematik Sound Lab, DE)

Dr. Ben (Desystematik Sound Lab, DE)

Don Pepito (Sektor Evolution)

Mit B (Sektor Evolution)

and FRIENDS.....


one hour where the crowd will be not only dancing but interacting with the music thru optical sensors and body contact distributed on the dancefloor.

2015_01_17_10yearsATM (330K)

24.01.2015 - HARDTEK

Le Zoo 4, place des Volontaires, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Mr Gasmask LIVE
(Protocol Records, Binarybassline Records/BE)

Weser LIVE

Hesed LIVE
(Analog Tecne Model, Trinacria, Rehkold/IT)

Metrik Teknomad LIVE
(Astrofonik, Welcome/FR)

Zayonne.Metek (FR) LIVE

Visuals by:VJ KERATOCUM & VJ Tintin UTF

2015_01_24_hardtek (264K)

31.01.2015 - ACID BOOM by Dafne Records & Friends

Bari, Italy

Hesed (Analog Tecnè Model, Trinacria)
Ciro (Distrurbass Movement)
Zazztkkb (Distrurbass Movement)
Luitek (BKS, BassLineCrew)
Distrust (No Sense Of Place)
SDF (Noise Conspiracy)

2015_01_31_acidboom (105K)

14.02.2015 - Karnival

Check Your Network

21.02.2015 - Die Helle Freude 13

Sektor Evolution, Dresden, Germany

Daimon SoundSystem and
Desystematik Soundlab

Floor by Daimon Sounds

Dr.Green vs Format C 4H LIVESET
(Infrabass,Protoprod, Jam Session) FR/DE

Hesed LIVESET (Analog Tecnè Model) IT

Sherpa (Prosex Soundsystem) CZ

P3P3D (Daimon Soundsystem) DE

Tim B. (Daimon Soundsystem) DE

Floor by Desystematik Soundlab

2015_02_21_hellefreude (57K)

27.02.2015 - Warehouse Session vol.10

Primastella, Statale11 MI-BG, Sola(BG), Via Enzo Ferrary, Italy

Sparks (Les Enfant Du Sons, FR)
Hesed (ATM23, DE)
Alifer (Pulp Friction, IT)
Format C:\ (Monotonsystem, DE)
White (Teknomotive, IT)

07.03.2015 - XLive

Hal 26, Ghent, Belgium

more info soon!

10/11.07.2015 - Aurora Music Festival

La Sierra De Madrid, Spain

Crystal Distortion//Noisebuilder//Hesed//Alifer//Vikkei//Random Access //Iokinllobera//Stereocode//Bunlock//Aladin135//Trapani//IvanCano&Miki //Denom//Lefrog&Sancourts//GNS//Nasker&Jota//Krone&Josele//Lebowsky //OZN//Millan//Teknodrogue//Soundconfundent//Dirtywarriorz//YNKR// FlaquitoApache//Balastegui//Mauri.DaSilva.Litrina$//

2015_07_10_aurora (536K)

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Glitched Drums 108 broken loops by Hesed


A compilation of arhythmic fills, syncopated, crushed, panned and twisted. 101 Stereo and 7 Mono loops, each 5,5sec, 8beat (2bar) at 85.82bpm Each file, reach of articulation, is possible to slice in several "one shot" sample.

Purchase here:

ATMCD/DIGITAL SERIES 01 "ONDE ANOMALE" now as freedownload!


Onde Anomale 10 tracks album was released in 2007 as CD and in 2012 as Digital Download. To celebrate with our fans 10 Years from the first Analog Tecnè Model release we decide to put this album as FREE DOWNLOAD!

atmcd01_a (160K) atmcd01_a (160K)

Consider anyway to support us by buying some ATM album @

ATM Webshop - Bandcamp - JunoDownload Trinacria - JunoDownload ATM

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Trinacria vs Nameless available in Digital Format


TRN vs NMLSS @ JunoDownload

Narcosis 07 - 12" Vinyl


Tracks by Mantrum, Tommers, Sevenum Six, Acid Basztard, Hesed

narcosis07 (141K) narcosis07a (36K) narcosis07b (39K)

Available @ ATM Webshop, Toolbox Records, Dekloned, Discogs

Listen it on soundcloud:

Pulp Friction 01 - 12" Marbled Vinyl coming soon...


ATM is happy to present our new sub-label PULP FRICTION!
Pulp Friction will be more Hardtek and banging Tribe oriented label, fast beats but still with some mental and trippy flavour.
First release include tracks from Alifer, ZSide, Format C:\ and Sparks.


Trinacria vs Nameless 12" Vinyl out now!



A: Hesed - Quantum Leap 9:53
B1: Wosh - Gangstashit 5:50
B2: Paska - Interferacid 5:27

Mastering by:

Audio preview: